AMX UAV Officially Launch Vertic VTOL Drone

After 3 years development and test, AMX UAV officially launch Vertic, a quad tailsitter configuration VTOL drone specially designed for aerial mapping mission. Vertic is a drone with copter like (helicopter & multicopter) capability that can take-off on narrow area. After reach safe altitude, Vertic will transition to fixed-wing mode, ensure more flight efficient. Vertic will transition back to copter mode after the mission was finished and right above landing position. Vertic can be used for various application such as agriculture, plantation, urban planning, mining, forestry, and oil & gas.

Vertic can fly fully autonomous, from take-off to landing, with preconfigured mission parameters. Vertic equipped with a failsafe system for safety, for example is quadchute system. This feature automatically change Vertic to copter mode if the flight controller detects anomaly on altitude loses. User with multicopter skills can manually control this drone easily since it’s similar with multicopter control. This easy-to-operate capability can minimized time spent on training.

Vertic uses composite materials to ensure toughness and reliability. The detachable fuselage-wing design, the 1.4 meters wingspan drone is very compact and easy to deploy. Vertic is powered by 14WH Lithium Polymer. The drone can fly up to 35 minutes or cover about 250 hectares for single aerial mapping mission. Vertic ground control station (GCS) software are supported both on Windows or Android operating system connect to the drone up to 15KM. There are 2 type payload that can intergrated with Vertic, the Sony RX0 and Parrot Sequoia+. Sony RX0 is 15,3 mega pixels RGB camera, support with CarlZeiss fixed lens. For agriculture, forestry, and plantation mission, Parrot Sequoia+ multispectral camera can be used for deep analysis.

All the advantages that Vertic has to offer, also supported by very competitive prices. Vertic standart packages is offered at a price $8500. The standart packages include ready-to-fly drone, Sony RX0 camera, GCS laptop, 3pcs battery, 2set propeller spareparts, tools and hard case. The standart packages also include training program for 2 operator, location in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Contact us through email or phone +62-811292565 (Whatsapp/voice call/message) to get more info about Vertic and other AMX UAV products.

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