Reliable and Easy-to-Operate VTOL Mapping Drone


Vertic is quad tail-sitter vertical take off-landing (VTOL) mappping drone that easy to control, fully autonomous, and capable operate from narrow site. Vertic is ready for various application such as agriculture, urban planning, plantation, mining, forestry, and oil & gas


Beginner Pilot Level

Autonomous Flight

40 Minutes Flight Time

AMXGCS Software

300Ha/Flight Coverage

14m/s Wind Resist

Vertical Take-Off & Landing


Vertic can take-off vertically in copter mode from a very narrow space. Vertic ascend to safe altitude and transition to fixed-wing mode for efficiency. After finishing the mission, Vertic return to pre-defined home position, transition to copter mode, and land.

Wind resistance

High Stability

Vertic is design with high stability performance. Ensure flight readiness, even in windy condition. Wind resist:

Ground control software

User Friendly

AMXGCS is user friendly ground control software, specially customized for Vertic.



Vertic design is very compact, made from light adn strong composites material. Vertic’s wing-fuselage is detachable for easy to transport.

Expandable coverage


Multi vehicle system (MVS) enable 4 unit of Vertic fly together and control only by 1 ground control system. Improve mapping capacity up to 1200Ha/hour

Deliver data with confident

Vertic: Tools for Overclock Your Business

Vertic is the best VTOL Mapping drone in its class both in performance and price. Talk to our sales team immediately for demo flight and quotation request.