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Easy to Operate and Reliable VTOL Mapping Drone

Drone mapping currently plays a vital role in various industrial sectors. Aerial mapping missions require drones that are reliable and easy to operate. Our product, AMX Vertic is a vertical take off-landing (VTOL) mapping drone that is easy to control, fully autonomous, and capable of operating from a narrow site.

AMX Vertic with high stability performance can fly in windy conditions (fixed wing mode up to 14m/s & copter mode up to 9m/s. AMX Vertic is ready for various applications such as agriculture, urban planning, construction, plantation, mining, forestry, and oil & gas.

AMXGCS-Ground Control Software

AMXGCS is ground control software for AMX UAV products, easy and simple to use




Sample Image

Sony RX0 Camera, 250m Altitude


Detail Spesification, Package, and Price



Vertic Aircraft

Remote Controller


Sony RX0 Camera


Battery 1 pcs

Propeller 2 set

Hard Case

$6400,- or Rp92.500.000,-

Options & Extras

Extra Propeller Set
$20,- or Rp300.000,-

Extra Battery
$180,- or Rp2.700.000,-

PPK Air Module
$750,- or Rp11.250.000,-

2-Days Training
$1100,- or Rp16.000.000,-
(In-Site, excl. transport & accomodation)
$700,- or Rp10.150.000,-
(Location Yogyakarta)

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